28. May 2015 For descriptions of the talk given at TypoBerlin 2015 see: CreativeBloq and TypoTalks

The Typeface Character
Many designers find that the visual language of a typeface can describe a certain character or personality trade. Research from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, confirms this intuition by showing that typeface can carry different semantic associations, and that these associations can be transferred between different cultures and ages.

However, to be able to read a text, the reader can no longer focus on the character of the typeface, as the human mind is incapable of simultaneously giving full attention to different matters. This results in the inherent conflict of typefaces that they on one hand need to draw attention to themselves, and on the other hand need to let go of this attention for the content to be read.

Drawing on scientific findings, the presentation will look into what is known about this conflict.