September 2017. Review in the German magazine PAGE.

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The Danish type designer and typography professor Sofie Beier has compiled her concentrated knowledge on type design in a small book, which was recently published by BIS Publishers.

Designed specifically for students and typo-beginners, “Type Tricks” is a great guide and companion through the jungle of the typographical terminology and rules (207 pages, 15 euros, ISBN 978-9063694586).  Sofie Beier says, “it is good to know all these rules before you begin to improvise.”

The book has a practical pocket format and with the beautiful and useful illustrations it shows how to develop an idea, how to look at positive and negative forms, or how to adjust the letter forms so that the proportions are correct. “Type Tricks” should become mandatory for all design students.

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July 2017. Review in the magazine New Design.

Type Tricks is dedicated to typographical rules and the underlying structure of the work process in the design of new typefaces. Both a reference work and a user manual, the book presents in an illustrative format the different stages of type design in an easily accessible manner.

Beier aims to make typographic guidelines, which can be difficult to remember, easy to understand and recall. A professor of typography, Beier knows what gives her students the most trouble and the quick ways in which they might improve their skills. She includes a number of essential tricks to help the typographic designer such as how to look at positive and negative shape as well as how to adjust the shape perceptually to achieve the proportions intended.

June 2017. Review in the German magazine Novum.

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“Type Tricks” is a textbook and reference book in one. It has been designed especially for students and typography novices.

As you begin to deal with typography, you are almost slain by all the rules and technical terms. You will quite. quickly understand what a serifs, x-heights or ligatures is, but how was that again with the kerning, and what are old style numerals? There are many things to consider when designing letters, but also some tips and tricks. “Type Tricks” brings around 200 of them in a practical pocket format and is thus a helpful guide, as well as a good reference book, if one is not quite sure of the many typography terms.

Simple illustrations demonstrate technical terms and typographical rules and make the book a useful companion for students. The author Sofie Beier is a typography professor and has adapted the content especially for beginners. Experienced designers can refresh their knowledge in “Type Tricks” or simply refresh the technical terms in English.

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