With a new grant of 360.000 kr (€48.000) from Øjenfonden, Sofie Beier will be leading a research project on:

Optimising Typographic Layout for Readers Suffering from Metamorphopsia

The project aims at producing knowledge that can be directly translated into scientifically based guidelines for setting text for people suffering from metamorphopsia, alone or in combination with blurred vision and other forms of visual dysfunction.

When people with normal vision read, the eye will jump along the line of text in a series of saccades between fixations on the text. While reading, the peripheral visual field is constantly working on identifying where to place the next fixation. If something is overlooked, the eye will make a regression, going back over the line of text to pick up whatever was missed. For people suffering from metamorphopsia, this process is less than smooth. Because the lines of text are perceived to be floating, it is difficult to maintain a view of the text in the peripheral visual field and, hence, difficult to decide where to fixate next.

With a focus on optimizing the text layout for this specific group of readers, the project aims at adopting a methodological approach that ensures both control over critical typographical variables and immediate implementability in practice.