20. June 2017 The new book by Sofie Beier “Type Tricks: Your personal guide to type design” is finally out on the streets. For more >>

10. May 2017 In the national newspaper Politiken, Sofie Beier is discussing the option of producing a new typeface for the Copenhagen street name signs [in Danish]  >>

4. May 2017 Sofie Beier has been granted 5.620.440 kr. (about € 755.600) from The Danish Council for Independent Research, for the research proposal  “Typeface Legibility for Visually Impaired Readers”. >>

20. April 2017  Sofie Beier has published a new paper in the latest  issue of Visible Language. The research is carried out in  collaboration with Katrine Sand and Randi Starrfelt. The topic is ‘Legibility Implications of Embellished Display Typefaces’. For more please see >>

17. January 2017 The typeface family Ovink has been republished by The Northern Block >>

30. October 2016 The talk on the legibility of letters and words, given by Sofie Beier at ATypI 2016, is now available on YouTube >>

5. September 2016 In the recent number of Visible Language, Sofie Beier is discussing whether the field of letterform research is an academic orphan. For more, please see >>

3. August 2016 In collaboration with Mary C. Dyson, Sofie Beier has published a new paper in Information Design Journal. vol. 22(1), with the title:Investigating typographic differentiation: Italics are more subtle than bold for emphasis. For more, please see >>

26. August 2016 Sofie Beier is speaking at the mini konference “Hvad er design? Designbegrebet til debat”. For more, please see >>

3. August 2016 Sofie Beier will be speaking on Friday 16 September, at the main track at ATypI Warsaw. For more please see >>

15. March 2016 New paper by Sofie Beier on designing legible fonts for distance reading. Published in the book Digital Fonts and Reading >>

9. March 2016 Hear Sofie Beier talk about the covers of crime novels on Danish Radio24syv
[starts around 37 minutes into the hour] >>

14. October 2015 The talk given by Sofie Beier at ISType 2015 is now published on Vimeo >>

2. August 2015 New journal article by Sofie Beier on: ‘The design process seen through the eyes of a type designer’. Published in Artifact Vol 3, No 4 (2015): The Design Concept >>

28. May 2015 For descriptions of the talk given at TypoBerlin 2015 see: CreativeBloq and TypoTalks

12. May 2015 Sofie Beier is talking about type design and the typeface Karlo, on the radio program P1 Eftermiddag (Danish) >>

8. May 2015 Sofie Beier received a Creative Circle Bronze Award for the typeface Karlo >>